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       VISSOKOGOVORITELI PLC. is an industrial enterprise established in 1960 with a subject of activity-production of loudspeakers and sound-screen devices. Since April 1997 the enterprise is registered as a joint-stock company with a 80% private ownership.
       VISSOKOGOVORITELI PLC. produced 42 types of loudspeakers sizes from 50 mm to 400 mm with a sound output from 0.15W to 350W of low, middle and high frequency and also a broad band loudspeakers of ordinary and Hi-Fi classes. They are in compliance with European standards. Some of the loudspeakers are oval, others are round shaped. All parts of loudspeakers are produced in the plant with exception of magnets.
       Sound-screen device - more than 15 types Hi-Fi and lower class with a sound output from 20W to 200W, tow and three-band devices, with a various design and with possibility for adapting to each interior and musical system.
       VISSOKOGOVORITELI PLC. producing also acoustic systems - designed to be used for sound-recording of inside, closed premises (cinemas, schools, theaters, clubs, halls, etc., and also in open spaces like stadiums, stations, airports, parks, etc.).
       Microphones - designed to be used in buses, in controller's boards, open and inside spaces, and also for special needs - orchestras, in particular environment, etc.
       Electrodynamics earphones - Hi-Fi and ordinary class for language cabinets, aircontroller's and transport equipment.
       Along with these articles, the enterprise produces a wide range of products connected with the acoustics, radio-electronic and communication equipment.
       VISSOKOGOVORITELI PLC. is known, not only in Central and Eastern Europe, but also in Sweden, Finland and Germany. On the basis of the developed contacts and markets at the end of the eighties a program had been accepted for modernization and technological renovation. The program has not been put into practice because of the new economic and political realities in Eastern Europe.
Nowadays the enterprise produces the above mentioned articles using a classic technology. One hundred and forty people work in VISSOKOGOVORITELI PLC., on the area of 42 000 square meters.
       VISSOKOGOVORITELI PLC. is ISO 9001:2000 certified.
       All products replay to all technical requirements of BDS 4947-84 and BDS 12985-85. All products are tested by requirements of BDS 6412-86.